Hackathons are events where "hackers" come together in teams with the intention of creating the best type of program (i.e. web app, iPhone app, etc.) or hardware project within a certain period of time. Most hackathons last between 24-48 hours and are full of caffeine, food, prizes, and little sleep.

HackAE - America East Hackathon hosted at Binghamton University

HackBU and the America East Academic Consortium, an academic initiative of the America East Conference, are hosting the first ever conference-wide hackathon on November 5, 2016. The event will last 24 hours and bring 400 students from all America East schools . Inspired by the upcoming presidential election, the event will be a civic hackathon, one that is designed to provide students from America East member universities with the opportunity to build software and hardware projects that encourage civic engagement and/or address real-world challenges facing our society.

Learn more at theaeac.org/events/hackae!

HackBU Hackathon

HackBU will host its fourth annual hackathon at Binghamton University from February 25-26, bringing over 300 students.

Learn more at hackbu.org/2017s!

Travel with HackBU

We're organizing trips to a few hackathons throughout the Northeast. Register on the hackathon webpage then email hello@hackbu.org to stay in the loop about travel arrangements. We're hand-picking awesome hackathons to organize travel to, so stay tuned! We'll have a list here with information.